Nutrition is important for good health and to achieve it must have balanced nutrition as it is, it is essential to have and maintain excellent health.

To have a healthy nutrition must eat healthy and nutritious food that food must have an all elements such as: proteins, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to prevent infectious diseases such as influenza or other causes by poor nutrition.

When you are eating a healthy nutrition the body processes food and nutrients shows that are necessary to balance the metabolism of the person and thus, avoid obesity and thinness des avoiding getting nutrition and low weight or weight in abundance.

For an excellent nutrition should consume fewer fats and lipids, many fruits and vegetables, animal products must be consumed on a

regular basis, cereals should be consumed steadily before each meal preventing diseases of the colon due to lack of fiber and d is possible colon cancer is often not evacuate and hardening of the stool, wash fruits and vegetables. In nutrition, a very important fact is that hygiene is necessary to prevent stomach upsets such as constipation and parasites.

To have a healthy life, we must not only consume but balanced nutrition, exercise to tone muscles and prevent heart disease and improve blood flow to prevent thrombosis or a congenital disease of the blood system.

When exercise is good for digestion as long as it is led by an expert,

Not go on a diet without consulting a doctor

or nutrition expert as it may cause problems in your body.

Food should be rich in nutrients, fresh and eat slowly chewing saliva to assimilate food properly.

Food should be consumed in adequate to prevent maldigestion portions, avoid too much fullness in eat in moderation to prevent many digestive diseases

It is important that everyone watch your way of eating and foods that are high in all nutrients, foods containing monitor calories and starches.

Starches produce sugars in your body causing diabetes the pancreas causing discomfort.

Nutrition is the science that studies all metabolic and physiological causes that occur in the body of a person with gobble food.

Many common diseases and their signs can often be notified or calm with a particular food; for this, the nutrition science seeks to understand what specific dietary physiognomies that influence the health of a person are.

The purpose of the science of nutrition is manifest metabolic and physiological response of the body to diet.

Molecular biology is the scientific science that aims the implementation of the causes that unfold in individuals from a molecular standpoint.


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