Medicine is the science and art of preventing and recovering the health of all human diseases that is derived from the Latin mederi, meaning heal, medicate or in other words is to cure all individuals to have health and life avoiding thus, disease and giving a pleasant wellness full health and prolonging life.

When given a healthier life and improve their quality of life involving the art to practice the technical knowledge and giving drugs to the maintenance and recovery of your entire body, through diagnosis, procedure and caution of diseases.

Medicine is part of the so-called branches of health.

The medicine had its start in the beginning of mankind, which also has its own field of study known as medical anthropology, animals, plant used by shamans, warlocks, sorcerers were used.

Medicine shown in the different cultures in the old data, using plants as medicine ayurveda especially in India, Egypt, China and ancient Greece in the

time of Greek culture Decrease falling.

The earliest forms of antibiotics were sulfa drugs, so called. a synthetic chemical ingredient derived from sulfonamide bacteriostatic broad-spectrum in which a set of microbial strains against which an antibiotic is effective.

Currently antibiotics have become very sophisticated. Modern antibiotics can attack specific functional locations, some even drawn with resemblance to the body to reduce side effects and thus killing pathogens by its bactericidal work.

Vaccines were discovered by Dr. Edward Jenner to see that milking cows contracted vaccinia virus from contact with the pustules were invulnerable to smallpox which is the start of vaccination.

It is a large virus, complex coverage belonging to the Poxviridae family name comes from the generation of an initial clustering sisters skin diseases collectively called Pox in other dialects, viral classification is based on the molecular characteristics and virus representation members.

Has a linear double stranded DNA genome, which is located in each of the cells of humans of about 190 Kbps in length, and which collects approximately 250 genes. Virion are extensions of about 360 × 270 × 250 nm.

Poxviridae are unique among DNA virus only replicated in the cytoplasm of the host cell outside the nucleus.

Therefore, a large genome required for classification of various enzymes and proteins involved in

viral DNA replication and transcription in the same or similar copies.

During its replication cycle, the vaccine virus contagious rise to four forms that differ in their outer membrane: intracellular mature virions (IMV), intracellular enveloped virion (IEV) virion cell associated (CEV) wrapping and extracellular enveloped virion (EEV). Although the argument is discussed, the prevailing view is that IMV consists of a single membrane lipoprotein while CEV and EEV are enveloped by two layers of membrane and IEV has three coating layers.

IMV is the most optimal representation infectious and is thought to be responsible for the spread between hosts.

Furthermore, CEV is believed to play a role in cell to cell spread and VEM on diffusion longer distances within the host organism.

The virus comprising in its genome several proteins which give hardness to the K3L interferon is an albumin protein similarity to eukaryotic initiation factor 2 (eIF-2alpha). Albumin or K3L protein inhibits the action of PKR, who works or has the virtue of being diligent and effective interferons. E3L is albumin or other protein encoded by the virus. E3L also deprives PKR activation and is capable of binding RNA bicateniario.

Currently, scientists or scholars studying the vaccine virus for use as an object or instrument for injecting genes in biological textures such as gene therapy and genetic engineering.

Moreover, due to the recent unrest that smallpox could be used as a bioterrorism agent, scientists have a renewed interest in the study of the vaccine virus.


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