Hygiene is the set of judgments and techniques applied by humans to control the factors that have or may play harmful effects on your health.

Individual hygiene is the basic feel of the toilet, shower and body care it is essential for a healthy life.

It's the right thing to improve health, conserve and prevent illnesses or infections.

Processes that individuals use to be clean, as the use of shampoo, soap and water are inferred as hygiene. But it also to refer to interpersonal relationships.

1. Cleaning, cleaning staff and areas where individuals find either in the classroom, work and home, must be in complete cleanliness and hygiene.

2.  Routines that benefit the health of a person.

3.  Located Party of medicine to promote healthy practices, prevention of infectious diseases.


 Identification, assessment and intervention of those factors and environmental stresses that arise in the work place or workplace and can cause disease, ill health, loss of bienandanza, discomfort and disability of workers and citizens.


Hygiene is derived from Hygeia, the goddess of healing in Greek mythology.

Hygiene and care began to be a concern for countries from the raid, in which he said sanitize factories and companies, in the seventeenth century.

This collective need arose from poor hygiene of the port environment, which predominated rats and all kinds of diseases.

Thanks to Louis Pasteur's experiments that proved the theory of microbial diseases, hygiene practices should be done for infectious microorganisms charged paramount in medical interventions and the daily lives of the world's population as such for excellent health free

of bacteria.

From the 1850s, he began to acquire great importance to have impeccable hygiene and this movement was called: The "hygienists", participating in Argentina several doctors to hygiene were outstanding to acquire an impeccable health to achieve the disease did not spread throughout the country.


Services and locations should be hygienic

Workplaces must have potable water in sufficient quantity and easily accessible. They also have changing rooms, showers, sinks and toilets, as well as local and seating areas and dining rooms.

The bathrooms and separate for women and men endowed with sinks located in the vicinity of workstations, rest rooms of rooms, changing rooms and local amenities, when not integrated in recent crowds.

So, measures for all commercial center in all countries was adopted for the hygiene was essential for each person.

This is part of the health of the individual as it is essential to have excellent health, being the primary to obtain health along with eating habits and exercise proper hygiene.


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