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In this article we will expose you to have excellent health should be an exercise that is repetitive motion of a body movement to be earmarked for the preservation of the health of individuals brimming excellent health for the individual to maintain and regain their welfare

Going performing physical exercise will improve your health and is reaching his athleticism and his ability, to be exercising regularly; since it is as necessary to improve their welfare component preventing many diseases that impair the body to perform a routine physical exercise that fit their welfare.

The exercises for cardio are essential to prevent cardiovascular disease, the usual diabetes type 2 mellitus, overweight, obesity, headaches and back pain, as their ability to cardio exercises, gives more strength to his blood and vascular system avoiding infarction and varicose veins due to lack of movement in the physical body and other

regularities that can cause death.

All exercise should be practicing with prudence and sanity to have a balanced manner, paying attention to any changes that cause injury in the body that can be harmful for the proper functioning of the body, we must take account of the changes our body to not get have cause and effect between each physical movement determining its direct effect internal changes have perceive our body and improving our body.

It is recommended to be assessing your physical body wear; and it must monitor both the external and the internal for your physical body does not deteriorate and suffer injuries that can cause great discomfort being of your body, the recommendation is to have a self-examination in the care while developing a activity or exercise.

It has been recommended exercise level for a harmonized and health and supplementing with a healthy and balanced diet recommended an adjusted quality of life.

By having the above recommendations brings excellent benefits in your life.

The benefits it brings to perform physical exercises are these: Increased vitality, because it provides great energy and development capacity in labor and in the study of a person practicing any exercise, because the body is aerated and brain operates at full capacity

for learning.

It is an adjuvant in stress, anxiety and depression as it spends those negative energies that the body produces by poor diet, and physical and mental effort deteriorating social.

Increasing self-esteem and self-image improving muscle tone and avoiding fatigue, facilitating relaxation and decreases muscle tension t body, burning calories and burning body fat, preventing obesity and maintaining the ideal place to have the agility and flexibility weight entire physical body, helping to reconcile the dream for the body to rest and restore energy and multiplying strong cells to make the change from dead cells and restore normal throughout the body, reducing violence in those very temperamental people , and thus, have a relationship with the family, friends and meet new people.

Improves mood and sexual status, avoids addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

Mitigates the feeling of isolation and loneliness among the elderly, strengthens the lungs and improves circulation of oxygen in the blood.

Physical exercise releases endorphins known as the "hormones of happiness".

Lowers cholesterol and prevents heart attack and regulating blood pressure, as well the minimum amount to prevent disease is between 20 to 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise and all this with a balanced diet, adequate rest, everyone should be a physical examination by a physician trainer for this doctor is licensed knowledge of the person who will perform the mood for your exercise.

The person who will perform the physical exercises must have impeccable hygiene, should avoid any substance that is detrimental to the performance of physical activity avoiding alcohol, smoking, harmful to health substances.


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