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Health is being physically, mentally and socially for an individual is in a physical, mental and social freedom from diseases that can lead to death, care of the body performing exercises every day or three times a week minimum.

Giving you the ability to exercise and expand their defenses for all types of infections or bacterial contaminants, so that does not happen any flaw in their health should eat and exercise for their well being.

Being free from illness then, the agency has full capacity to perform any physical exertion and not be weary and not forcing his deteriorating body all over your body.

The end of a healthy organism is to maintain a productive life; to stay healthy must consume minerals, vitamins, trace elements, protein (protein the body does not produce it, you should eat foods rich in protein such

as meat and vegetables that are rich in vegetable protein to produce muscle and the body can great strength), carbohydrates, calories (those that give the body the energy needed to perform any movement) and thus have a physical, mental attitudes optimal.

Health is the main ingredient to measure the ability of any person to make any physical effort and become a person with excellent wellness in your life.

The most important health is the balance of risk factors weakening or an individual for excellent health.

The person can demonstrate their physical ability in any activity demonstrating strength, physically and mentally so giving, agility, skill, strength and coordination to perform any activity with the flexibility of your physical and mental state.

Mentally the

person is characterized by the balance to the emotional and acceptance, the latter is characterized by learning and self-knowledge of his mental state, in other words free of any mental illness that is the absence of a disease state clinical mental health.

Today there are many hypotheses related to good health and the definitions have been questioned since it is considered that for excellent health at a time when science is doing its utmost for the mind and the physical are but one is a question that people of this age are at the extremes, what we mean is that the individual is in health and disease but also in science are doing our best to keep the human being in excellent health giving better nutrition and adequate exercise to keep physically fit and science strives to give you excellent physical and mental balance.

Everything is done to make the life of the human being does not deteriorate but that scope live longer with all their mental, motor skills and give a long full life and preventing aging person to endure all younger and their ability to prevent diseases that cause deterioration in the body.


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